1-12m2 Ceramic Filter Plate

  • Small Ceramic Vacuum Filter

    Small Ceramic Vacuum Filter

    Product Description Ceramic vacuum filter. Ceramic vacuum filter component is our company in cooperation with several ceramic research institute, digesting and absorbing the domestic and foreign...

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  • Chamber Vacuum Ceramic Filter Press

    Chamber Vacuum Ceramic Filter Press

    Product Description Chamber vacuum ceramic filter press. Chamber vacuum ceramic filter press is an alternative method of solid and liquid separation. Porous ceramic filter tends to replace...

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  • Fully Automatic Ceramic Filter

    Fully Automatic Ceramic Filter

    Product Description Fully automatic ceramic filter. Features ● High mechanical strength ● Excellent resistance against abrasion and corrosive against acid and alkali. ● Pore size is uniform and...

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  • Microporous Disc Vacuum Filter

    Microporous Disc Vacuum Filter

    Product Description Ceramic filters plates are widely applied in nonferrous metals, metallurgy, coal, gold, chemical industry and environmental protection, and attain remarkable achievements in...

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