12m2/15 Ceramic Filter Plate For C-144 Filter

12m2/15 Ceramic Filter Plate For C-144 Filter

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12m2/15pcs ceramic filter plate used in C-144 

(1) Automatic ceramic filter are solid-liquid separation equipment widely used in mineral ,metallurgy and mineral processing industry.

(2)Because of the effects of pores of porous ceramic, produced almost absolute vacuum, get very dry cake.

(3)There is no free solid particle in filter liquor so it  can be reused or discharged.

(4). Compared with the traditional filtering method, energy efficiency is very high, power saving =90%

(5). Without filter cloth so there is no need to the replace the filter cloth

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The process is used during a large continuous process of separating free filtering suspensions where washing is not required.  Basically the filter works to separates solid-liquid mixtures by removing the water from mineral concentrates and moulding the feed slurries into pellets. This is accomplished by capillary action under low vacuum pressure. The pelletizing of the slurries is done by adding some solid matter to the sewage sludge so that water can be easily removed from the mixture. Eventually, the final cake products contain very little moisture and can be deposited as sewage. This process is commonly followed by bleaching and heating the cake. The end product of this filtration is a dry cake and filtrate containing no solid product.

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filter plate specification 

Filter Flow Capacity ( Pure Water, Pressure 0.1Mpa )


Air Pressure Recoils Testing Pressure ( Damp )


Operation Reversing Washing Pressure


Ultrasonic Wave with Chemical Washing Pressure


Assembly precision

Parallelism between assemble ring, assemble surface and plate surface


Average space between assemble ring, assemble surface and plate surface


Put together disc precision

Range deviation between assemble hole center and plate angle


Space between two plates of disc ( according to assemble requirements )


When Filter disc is on dropping condition, the accumulated time for wear resistant of coating ( other Non-Shaving knife type hard damage )


microporous disc vacuum filter.jpg