Cast Elastomer

  • Polyurethane Rod

    Polyurethane Rod

    Product Description Polyurethane elastomer rod: Polyurethane rod specification(customized acceptable) 1.diameter:8mm-300mm. 2.length: 8mm-1000mm 3. Regular hardness: 45A-95A. 4. Density:...

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  • Polyurethane Elastomer Plate

    Polyurethane Elastomer Plate

    Product Description Polyurethane elastomer plate Automotive Industry: mainly used in wear-resistant parts, shock absorber and decorative aspects (1) Steering shaft ball bowl: 60 thousand...

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  • Polyurethane Rod Stock

    Polyurethane Rod Stock

    Product Description TDI polyurethane elastomer Application range The construction industry (1) pavement materials: indoor and field pavement (2) Ceramics and decorative plaster mold has gradually...

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  • TDI Polyurethane Elastomer

    TDI Polyurethane Elastomer

    Product Description Castable polyurethane elastomers The performance of polyurethane elastomer wear-resistant products The wear resistance of polyurethane elastomer is superior to other rubber,...

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