Castable Polyurethane Composite Encapsulation Composite Material

Castable Polyurethane Composite Encapsulation Composite Material

Polyurethane Elastomer, Castable Polyurethane, Pouring Sealant manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Castable Polyurethane Composite Encapsulation Composite Material, Good Weatherability Polyurethane for Textile Coating, Best Non Stick Material for Cookware and so on.

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Product Details

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ECM301 & HZ302 & HZ-303

  • Molecular Principal Chain: Heterochain Polymer

  • Part a Appearance: Yellow Transparent Liquid

  • Part a Viscosity at Room Temperature: 800-1700

  • Using Mixture Ratio (a:B): 100:100

  • Stripping Time: 25-50

  • Tensile Strength (MPa): 15.8/27.8/30.6

  • Origin: China Jiangsu

  • Synthetic Resin: Unsaturated Polyester Resin

  • Color: Yellow

  • Part B Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid

  • Part B Viscosity at Room Temperature: 600-2200

  • Available Using Time: 3-8

  • Hardness (Shore a): 75-95

  • Tearing Strength (Kn/M): 44.2/61.0/67.3

  • Transport Package: According to The Customer Demand

  • HS Code: 3921199000

Product Description

-Encapsulation Composite Material
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Key features
-Fast curing speed, suitable for casting machine operation.
-Low molding temperature, high production efficiency.
-High tensile and tear properties.
-Can produce high light, Matt products.

Typical properties 

Encapsulation Composite MaterialECM-301HZ-302HZ-303
PrepolymerPart A Appearance (25oC)Yellow Transparent LiquidYellow Transparent LiquidYellow Transparent Liquid
Part B Appearance (25oC)Colorless Transparent LiquidColorless Transparent LiquidColorless Transparent Liquid
Part A Viscosity at Room Temperature (25oC)1000±2001500±2001500±200
Part B Viscosity at Room Temperature (25oC)800±2002000±2001500±200
Using Mixture Ratio (A:B)100:100100:100100:100
Available Using  Time(70-75oC/min)5~83~53~5
Stripping Time (90~100oC/min)40~5025~3525~35
Physical Properties
Hardness  (Shore A)80±585±590±5
Tensile Strength (MPa)15.827.830.6
Tearing Strength (kN/m)
Elongation at Break (%)667521510

-Mainly used in the production of large quantities of polyurethane elastomer products, such as a variety of rollers, skateboard wheels, fitness equipment, rubber, industrial parts, etc.

Usage method
-The utility model is mainly suitable for the operation of the middle and low temperature pouring machine, and can be operated manually by adjusting. The use of two components, the ratio of 100:100 or 100:50~100.

-The prepolymer should be stored at low temperature and dry place, avoid the moisture and moisture when used.
-After the opening of the prepolymer should be used up as soon as possible, if not exhausted with nitrogen seal.
-The storage period of unopened prepolymer is three months.
-If you want to add color paste or other materials, keep the water content below 0.1%, and consider the compatibility of additives.

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