Industrial Wear Resistant Casting Polyurethane Sheet Elastomer

Industrial Wear Resistant Casting Polyurethane Sheet Elastomer

Features: ?Corrosion resistance ?Water proof ?Withstand high temperature ?Easy installation

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Polyurethane Products
1. High abrasion resistant
2. High impact resistant
3. High bend strength
4. Low compression set

Polyurethane Products
Polyurethane sheet, rod, tube, wheel, roller, blade, custom urethane parts, etc.
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Polyurethane is a unique engineering material which offers the elasticity of rubber, toughness and durability of metal.
Polyurethane Elastomers are extremely versatile materials and this has been the key to their widespread applications. This flexible engineering material is available in Polyurethane Sheet, Rod, Tube, and Custom Cast Products.

High wear and abrasion resistance
Toughness -Tensile strength
High load bearing ability
High tear resistance
Mechanical properties
Resistance to water, oil, grease