Disc Vacuum Filter for slurry separator

Disc Vacuum Filter for slurry separator

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Product Description

Disc vacuum filter is an equipment for separating solid matter from fluid. The disc is driven by motor mounted on it speed reducer or open loop gear train so as to allow it to turn at a certain speed in the gutter filled with mineral liquid. The media around the filter forms a differential pressure in the suction area by vacuum pump as to attract solid particles on the filter net which will form a filter disc as they accumulate on the net. When this part of the filter disc is taken away from the liquid and put into dehydrating area, the water stored in the disc is separated from the disc

under the pressure formed by vacuum area and drained through filter pipe and distributing ports. When unloading, the disc drops from the plate blown by the upstream air to the unloading gutter which is then carried away by the mine deliver machine. The whole operation goes on and on.

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