Vacuum filtration products disc vacuum filter

Vacuum filtration products disc vacuum filter

Ceramic Vacuum Filter, Vacuum Filter, Water Filter manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Mining Ore Dewatering Ceramic Vacuum Filter, Hospital Waste Water Treatment Equipment Mbr for Watewater Treatment, Solid Waste Incinerator for Waste Management and so on.

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Product Details

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1. Product Description
BTC ceramic vacuum filter sets electromechanical,porous ceramic,ultrasonic technology as a whole,rely on efficient,energy-saving vacuum suction filtration equipment and capillary action to achieve solid-liquid separation.Widely used in mining,metallurgy,chemical industry,environmental protection and other industries.

2. Main Structure:
 1> Ceramic filter is mainly consisting of roller system, mixing system, ore slurry feed and discharge system, vacuum system, filtrate discharging system, scraping system, back washing system, united washing system (ultrasonic cleaning, automatic matching acid cleaning), full-automatic control system, trough body, rack etc.
2> Trough body uses corrosion resistant stainless steel, can load ore pulp. Stirring system is stirring mixing materials in trough body to avoid the rapid subsidence of materials. Ceramic filter plate is installed on roller, roller can be rotated by the drive of stepless speed change reduction gears.
 3> Filter medium of ceramic filter is ceramic filter plate, doesn't need filter cloth, that reduces cost of production. The 1mm gap between scraper and filter plate prolongs the service life while discharging.
 4> Using back washing and united cleaning etc. methods, full-automatic control by PLC, equipped with inverter, liquid level meter etc. device. While starting up, ore pulp valve is monitored by level meter, it controls height of ore pulp level. When to high level, PLC control system rapidly opens filtrate pump outlet valve to drain water quickly. Ceramic can use long-range control or centralized control according to different requirement by customers.

3. Main Features
1> High vacuum(pressure-0.09~-0.098Mpa),low moisture of filter cake.
2> Solid content of filtrate<50ppm,Can be repeatedly used,reducing emissions.
3> Compared with traditional filtering equipment energy saving about 90% above,low energy consumption,low operation cost. 
4> Added compared with traditional ceramic filtering device filter cake washing,suitable for washing materials.
5> A high degree of automation,reducing labor intensity.
6> Compact structure,small occupation area,convenient installation and maintenance.
7> Advanced drainage system,suitable for any use of working conditions.

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