Alumina Porous Ceramic Filter Plate Used In Ceramic Filter Machine

Alumina Porous Ceramic Filter Plate Used In Ceramic Filter Machine

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Alumina porous ceramic filter plate used in ceramic filter machine

White corundum series are integrated the original production of dry pressing technology, after 1380 degrees high temperature firing, then coated with micron size corundum membrane surface, and firing again.

Ceramic plates, a kind of energy-saving filer media. It is important wear part of ceramic vacuum filter.


(1) scores of various formulas are available,which will for sure fully meet requirements of customers for filtration.
(2) Our unique regenerative technology will ensure recycling of the ceramic filter plates we produce,which will reduce customers’
 running cost consequently.


Originating from the inorganic membrane technique .
1. Higher density of framework and strength of membranous layer with good resistance against pressure and corrosion.
2. higher percentage of open area and bigger production capacity with higher filtration precision and lower vacuum energy consumption .Refined materials are integrated together as a whole without using adhesive.
3. Numerous generative methods are available like cleaning at hi-temperature or hi-pressure or in organic solvent,with good recycling effect and much prolonged service life



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