Ceramic filter plate for dewatering in tail mining industry

Ceramic filter plate for dewatering in tail mining industry

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Product Details

Plate and frame filter press is an alternative method of solid and liquid separation. Porous ceramic filter tends to replace conventional filter plates for its extremely high working temperature, chemical inertness and excellent resistant to almost types of slurry.

Ceramic filter is used to remove solid particulate from liquid and gas in chemical process, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industries, paper making and ore concentrate dewatering of copper, lead, zinc, iron, silver, sulfur, gold for its unique porous structure.

Product Description

Honeycomb ceramic filter plate is widely used in metallurgy and casting industry for the filter of melted metal. It make use of mullite and cordierite as its material and quality high density channel have endowed the products with good heat compression resistance and high casting temperature resistance, besides, flat channel design of honeycomb ceramic filter enable the balance between air flow rate and strength, and to remove the contaminants and cast particulates effectively, which hence improve the casting mechanic capability, surface look and product pass rate greatly. Ceramic Honeycomb Filter is a fine strainer with straight hole structure, which provides a cost-efficient alternative to more effective ceramic foam filter.

Material: Aumina ceramic

Application: Iron, steel, copper, aluminum casting filtering,mining, dewatering
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*Good work strength under high temperature, good thermal shock resistance and melted metal inflow resistance
*High strength under room temperature, mechanic push resistance
*Obvious filter effect
*Ease the uneven inflow of casting, smooth the casting process, avoid surface defect
*Have a large and even melted inflow rate
*Good chemical stability, not affected by of melted meta, no change in its chemical compound
*Precise dimension and can be used in production line automatic filter mounting equipment

ItemValueTest Method
Chemical Composition
Al2O3≥ 90%chemical titration
SiO2≤ 8% 
gravimetric method
Other≤ 2%chemical titration 
Compressive Strength (Mpa)A axis ≥ 22universal material testing machine
B axis≥ 2.5
C axis≥ 0.18
Water Absorption (%)18.5 ± 2 
gravimetric method
Softening Temperature ( ° C)≥ 1380 
high-temperature electric resistance furnace
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion 
(room temperature ~800 ° C)  (cm/cm/ ° C)
≤ 5.7 × 10-6expansion indicator
Thermal Shock Resistance
(room temperature ~650 ° C)
650 ° C
20 minutes/cycle, five cycles no cracking
air cooling