Ceramic Filter Plate For Tailing Of Non-metallic Mines

Ceramic Filter Plate For Tailing Of Non-metallic Mines

Ceramic filter plate for tailing of non-metallic mines

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Ceramic filters are new generation of high efficiency and energy saving solid-liquid separation machines. The basic principle resembles that of common disk vacuum filters, the key difference is that ceramic filters adopt porous ceramic filter plates as filtering medium, as a result, only water can go through the filter plate while air can not make it, because of the effect of capillary force, which gives ceramic filters the advantage of high efficiency and energy saving, and compared with traditional disk filters, ceramic filters save energy consumption by more than 80%. Ceramic filters possess the characteristic of " low moisture content of filtration substance, less perforation, acid proof and corrosion resistance" and operate automatically, reduce working intensity, in addition, the security is good and the working environment is tidy. Ceramic filters can be widely used in dewatering treatment of non-ferrous metals mines, coal, chemical industry, pesticide and pharmaceutical industry. 

Product Name: Ceramic Filter Plate 
Serial/Model NO.: 5 
Filtration Area: 5 m2 
Under width of ceramic plate: 300 mm 
Distance of two installation holes: 325 mm 
Upper width of ceramic plate 555 mm 
Height of ceramic palte: 550 mm 
Thickness of ceramic plate: 30 mm 

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