Ceramic Vacuum Disc Filter For Coal Mining

Ceramic Vacuum Disc Filter For Coal Mining

Vacuum disc filter for coal mining

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Ceramic vacuum disc filter for coal mining

Birth of a new filter media for the development of solid-liquid separation technique has great significance , to produce a ceramic filter plate capillary action and has excellent mechanical properties, the ceramic filter cloth and the other in the filter compared to the filter medium having a plurality of advantages, is between this ceramic filter has been widely used . Ceramic filter can be used in non-ferrous metal mine dewatering , coal , chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other industries , wide range of applications.

( 1 ) Energy efficient : large capacity , energy-saving effect is obvious. Handling capacity > 1100kg/m2 h, electricity <0.5kWh/th, compared with the conventional disc filter outside the filter , over 80% energy saving .
( 2 ) Automatic control : Performance Series models using program control, automatic feeding, automatic cleaning , reduce labor intensity , can reduce the number of operations personnel .
( 3 ) improve the automatic protection features: automatic fault alarm system , fault -screen display, high and low level alarm display, and automatically exclude or shut down manually.
( 4) The structure of a solid , durable : The machine adopts computer optimization design, rational structure, reliable , maintenance-free design main transmission components , reducing downtime rate , tank mixing system made of stainless steel body structure to ensure its service life of up to 10 more years .
( 5 ) improve product quality, reduce transportation costs: Due concentrate low water filtration treatment can greatly improve the market competitiveness of products and reduce transportation costs during transport and loss.
( 6 ) environmental effect is obvious : Because of the clear filtrate , repeated use , reduce emissions and comply with environmental clean production of the current trend.


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