Ceramic Filter Plate Used In Iron Ore

Ceramic Filter Plate Used In Iron Ore

Ceramic filter plate used in iron ore

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Basic Structure

Ceramic filter plate is consist of the plate, the surface film, outlet, positioning seat and other components.

Ceramic filter plate is the core component, is a porous functional ceramic new material, in its interior covered with criss-cross, each other through the capillary pores (diameter about 1 to 10 microns), they are the filtrate (water) Channel, this component is called the board base. Ceramic filter plate composition of corundum, silicon carbide and other materials.

Ceramic filter plate outlet, positioning seat is the main component of stainless steel or polymer material composition.


Ceramic filter plate is suitable for industrial solid-liquid separation, material dehydration.


Widely used in mining, coal, fine chemicals, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Ceramic filter plate main features are as follows:

1, filtration precision covers fine filter, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis;

2, high mechanical strength, chemical stability, wear resistance, resistance, small, anti-clogging, easy to recoil;

3, high efficiency, high yield, uniform and stable filter pore size.

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Technical specification FYI.

Filtration flux (water pressure 0.1MPa)


Gas recoil test pressure (wet state)


Liquid backwash pressure under running


Ultrasonic combined chemical cleaning pressure


Assembly precision

Parallelism of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Height of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Assembly disc accuracy

Assembly hole center and diagonal error


Plate spacing after round up


Cumulative wear resistance time of film surface of filter cake unloading state (non hardening or blade wear etc.)

7000 hour

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