High Heat Resistant Refractory Ceramic Filter Plate Factory In China

High Heat Resistant Refractory Ceramic Filter Plate Factory In China

Our ceramic filter plate is our own Independent R & D products.

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Product Details

High heat resistant refractory ceramic filter plate factory in China


White Alundum

Brown Alumina



1M2 2M2 3M2 4M2 6M2

1M2 2M2 3M2 4M2 6M2

Combination of best
membrane filter and
basal plate should be
made towards various
materials for  

filtration and filter media
to optimize filtration

Particle Dia Range



Substrate Selection(AL2O3)




Product Advantages

1. High pressure resistance---high anti-cleaning pressurethe ceramic plates have long service life

2. Fully automated machinery is used for the production of stable, reliable and flat filter layers.

3. Ceramic plates are used in ceramic filters. Our company has a professional ceramic factory which won the most order of ceramic plate of China with more than 20 years experiences.

4. Independent R & D products.

5. Our ceramic plates can adjust filtration effect by using different substrate and coating material. Restoration and recycling project can reduce the damage to environment and the cost.

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Product Application 

Ceramic filter plates, also known as ceramic membrane filters, ceramic plates, ceramic wafers and filter plates etc., are new types of filter media made of corundum and silicon carbide etc. by special process. Our company's ceramic filter plates have been widely used in filtration and dehydration of iron concentrates, zinc concentrates, sulfur concentrates, copper concentrates, nickel concentrates, aluminum concentrates, gold concentrates, non-metallic concentrates and other concentrates as well as in the solid-liquid separation in coal, fine chemicals, papermaking, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, food, environmental protection and other industries.

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