Industrial Porous Ceramic Filter Plate

Industrial Porous Ceramic Filter Plate

Plate and frame filter press is an alternative method of solid and liquid separation. Porous ceramic filter tends to replace conventional filter plates for its extremely high working temperature, chemical inertness and excellent resistant to almost types of slurry.

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Product Details

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 1m2, 2m2, 3m2, 4m2, 5m2, 6m2, 12m2

  • Weight: <1T

  • Material Feature: Ceramic

  • Energy Saving: Energy Saving

  • Condition: New

  • Type: Flotation Separator

  • Material: Alumina

  • Certification: ISO9001:2008

  • Color: White

Our company is focused on explotation and development in special ceramic and inorganic membrance. Shenke is a full service solution provider in filtration for separating solids from liquids. Companies in mining from our high-efficiency process technologies, products and solutions for dehydration,sewage treatment and an ash- removal gear of power systems.
Through the ISO9001 certification.
The product is mainly used for mining dehydration,fields of environmental protection such as sewage treatment and ash-removal gear of power systems.
Main products: Ceramic filter plates, Ceramic filter,Ceramic distributor,Filter press,ceramic plate,Ceramic scraper.
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Technical Date of Ceramic Plates:
1.Filter flux(water pressure0.1Mpa): 1200-1800kg/h.m2
2.Recoil atmospheric pressure(in damp environment): ≥0.6Mpa
3.Back wash pressure: ≤0.3Mpa
4.Combined cleaning pressure of ultrasonic and chemical agent: ≤0.2Mpa
5.Pore diameter range of membrane surface: 1.0μm-15μm
6.Dry weight of processed materials: 0.6-1.6t/h.m2

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