Integrated Vacuum Ceramic Filter Plate Factory In China

Integrated Vacuum Ceramic Filter Plate Factory In China

Integrated vacuum ceramic filter plate factory in China

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Product Details

Main function and features:

  • main content: microporous ceramic AL2O3

  • filtration pore size: 0.5-5.0 micro meter

  • Vacuum degree: 0.096-0.098 Mpa 

  • thickness of permeable membrance:0.3-0.5mm

  • cake thickness on disc after filtering: 2-3cm

  • moisture after filtering: less than 10%

  • working expection: one year

  • function: separate liquid and solid

Performance characteristics


Microporous ceramic filter medium has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, easy cleaning and regeneration, high mechanical strength,

No harmful substances dissolved, will not have two pollution, can replace the cotton fabric, silk fabric, plastic, metal mesh, asbestos wadding filter material, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, electric power, thermal power, cement, medicine, paper and other industrial enterprises in environmental protection and the "three wastes" treatment of solid-liquid separation, gas processing the solid separation, powder conveying, sound-absorbing insulation, nuclear industry radioactive waste treatment, especially suitable for the filtration of ash wastewater treatment boiler dust removal in wastewater, is an ideal and efficient filtration products. Precipitation + microporous ceramic filter technology, novel design, simple construction, economical and practical, boilers and industrial boilers by using this technology, processing more than 150 small and medium sized power plant, life boiler slag washing wastewater, suspended solids removal rate reached more than 91-97%, the removal rate of COD reached to 89-95%, the export of suspended matter concentration in general about 10-50mg the water is clear and transparent, all reached an emission standard, realize the closed recycling and zero discharge.

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