Mining Automatic Ceramic Disc Vacuum Filter plate

Mining Automatic Ceramic Disc Vacuum Filter plate

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Disk Vacuum Filter Introduction:
Filter makes use of the pressure difference to separate the solid particles and liquid materials through the porous medium, such as filtration fabric and board. At present, it has four types: drum vacuum filter, disk vacuum filter, horizontal vacuum belt filter and press-filter. The disk type used the vacuum as the filtering power to separate the solid and liquid materials. Moreover, GPY series is the new product which introduced the American advanced technology. After extension and improvement, its performance index and structure has reached the world level. And it is mainly used in dehydrating fine materials, such as fine flotation coal and tailing coal with the size of 0-0.5mm,besides, it also can be used for solid-liquid separation in metallurgy, chemical, oil and sewage treatment industries.

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Working principle:
When working, the filter disc circles in the slurry tank. With the help of pressure difference generated by vacuum pump, the particle is absorbed on the cloth of the disc and forming a filter cake with a certain thickness. Filtrate will discharge from the central shaft through the filter cake and cloth, and the filter cake will fall down under the pressure of the scraper and blower, and then drop into the discharging filter cake tank.

Disc vacuum filter working principle
Filter plate immersed in the pulp while in operation produces a surface absorption of filter cake, with the action of capillarity and integrated with vacuum pressure. Filtrate enters distributing valve and drainage tank through filter plate. Filter cake comes out from slime hopper receiving spray washing. Continuous dehydration for filter cake is conducted with the action of high vacuum force. Scraper will automatically discharge materials once entering the vacuum-free condition. filter cake falls into the tank by the pressure from the wind and scraper.

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Features and Benefits:
1. High vacuum degree, low concentration of filtrate and high filter efficiency.
2. Small occupied area, low power consumption.
3. Can be recycled to use, reduce the emission.
4. Highly automatic, reduce labor cost.
5. Easy installation and maintenance.
6. Reliable structure and long lifespan.


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