Mining Machinery Disc Vacuum Filter in ceramic

Mining Machinery Disc Vacuum Filter in ceramic

Filter, Ceramic Vacuum Filter, Disc manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Mining Machinery Disc Vacuum Filter

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Product Details

Basic Info

  • Transport Package: Seaworthy packing

  • Origin: Jiangsu China

  • Specification: ISO9001

Product Description

The disc vacuum filter is the use of vacuum as the driving force of filtration,,and the equipment can make slurry solid-liquid separated.
metal mining disc vacuum filter which fully draw on the advantages of similar foreign products,For metal mineral density is high, sedimentation fast , and the filtrate containing solid particles which has strong impact to  the filtrate tube, view of these characteristics optimize the overall performance and  the reliability  of the various components,to ensure the metallic minerals in the solid-liquid separation to obtain a good indicator of dehydration.

ceramic filter group.jpg

Technical Parameters of the Ceramic Disc Filter

Filtration flux (water pressure 0.1MPa)


Gas recoil test pressure (wet state)


Liquid backwash pressure under running


Ultrasonic combined chemical cleaning pressure


Assembly precision

Parallelism of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Height of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Assembly disc accuracy

Assembly hole center and diagonal error


Plate spacing after round up


Cumulative wear resistance time of film surface of filter cake unloading state (non hardening or blade wear etc.)

7000 hour