Round Filter Plate for Ceramic in mining

Round Filter Plate for Ceramic in mining

Filter Plate, Filter Press Plate, Chamber Filter Plate manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Round Filter Plate for Ceramic, Dz Manual Membrane Filter Press Machine Water Treatment Equipment, DZ Water Treatment Chamber Filter Press Machine of 1000 Series and so on.

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Round Filter Plate For Ceramic

Plate and frame filter press is an alternative method of solid and liquid separation. Porous ceramic filter tends to replace conventional filter plates for its extremely high working temperature, chemical inertness and excellent resistant to almost types of slurry.

Ceramic filter is used to remove solid particulate from liquid and gas in chemical process, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industries, paper making and ore concentrate dewatering of copper, lead, zinc, iron, silver, sulfur, gold for its unique porous structure.

Chamber plate:
Shenke developed various filtration plates with all kinds of speificatins and shapes.
Shenke has plates with material of cast iron, steel Q235, cast steel, stainless steel, cast copper, aluminum alloy, PP, TPE elastomer, EPDM, NBR and etc.
Futures: High Temperature and high pressure ressistance, excellent sealing and cake washing, anti-corrosions, short filtration period, lower cake moisture. 
The hydraulic chamber  filter press is widely used in many industries, its plates compression is finished by hydraulic cylinder, and pressure holding can be done manually or automatically, wide application, such as wastewater treatment, chemical industry etc.
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Technical Advantage:

Filtration flux (water pressure 0.1MPa)


Gas recoil test pressure (wet state)


Liquid backwash pressure under running


Ultrasonic combined chemical cleaning pressure


Assembly precision

Parallelism of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Height of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Assembly disc accuracy

Assembly hole center and diagonal error


Plate spacing after round up


Cumulative wear resistance time of film surface of filter cake unloading state (non hardening or blade wear etc.)

7000 hour