Vacuum Ceramic Filter plate for Separate Mine Slurry, Filtration Equipment

Vacuum Ceramic Filter plate for Separate Mine Slurry, Filtration Equipment

Ceramic filters plates are widely applied in nonferrous metals, metallurgy, coal, gold, chemical industry and environmental protection, and attain remarkable achievements in sulfur concentrates, iron concentrates, gold concentrates, iron tailings, selecting tailing from transferred slag, lead-zinc mine, copper concentrates, quartz, all kinds of tailing, waste acid and wastewater treatment.

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Vacuum Ceramic Filter for Separate Mine Slurry,Filtration Equipment

Ceramic Vacuum Filter System is extensively used in the mining industry to separate liquids from solids for dewatering purposes. The operation and construction principle is similar to a conventional disc filter except the filter medium is replaced by finely porous ceramic disc,providing resistance to almost all chemicals and havin a long operational life. The TT series is designed and manufactured based on specific requirements by clients.

Technical Parameters of Filter Plate
Water flux(pure water pressure 0.15MPa)≥6400L /h.m2
Pneumatic back flush test pressure≥0.5Mpa
Assembly precisionAssembly ring plane and plate surface parallelism±0.2mm
Assembly ring  plane and the plate spacing8±0.1mm
Installation disk precisionAssembly hole center and diagonal error≤2mm
Each plate spacing for disk  5±1mm
The membrane surface abrasion total time                          (without scraper or other hard objects damage)≥7000h
Bore diameter2um-10um
Breaking strength≥30Mpa

Characteristics of Ceramic Vacuum Filter :

1. High vacuum degree(0.09-0.098MPa),filter cake has low water content.
2. Solid content of liquid the maximum is 25ppm,repeated application is available,drainage is lessened.
3. It can save 90% energy or above in contrast with traditional filter with low consumption and low cost.
4. Filter cake cleaning process is added to clean proper materials.
5. It combines PLC,computer and automatic valve control with high automatization and labor force has been lowered.
6. Compact structure,covering less floor area,conventient installation and maintenance.
7. Advanced drainage system fits for any working conditons.

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