Disc filter for mining separator

Disc filter for mining separator

Disc filter used for solid and liquid separation

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Ceramic disc filter plate is a kind of large porous ceramic disc which is fired by inorganic membrane making technology.It has following characteristics:large filter area.high intensity and even aperture.Besides,the aperture size can be adjusted according to actual demands.The basic material is alumina,it has good resistance to acid and alkali.After a period of application,the ceramic filter board can be cleaned by cycle reverse cleaning,ultrasonic and chemical cleaning agent and so on,to let the boards work with high efficiency.

Technical Date of Ceramic disc filter:

1.Filter flux(water pressure0.1Mpa): 1200-1800kg/h.m2

2.Recoil atmospheric pressure(in damp environment): the minimum is 0.6Mpa

3.Back wash pressure:the maximum is 0.3Mpa

4.Combined cleaning pressure of ultrasonic and chemical agent:the maximum is 0.2Mpa

5.Pore diameter range of membrane surface: 1.0μm-15μm

6.Dry weight of processed materials: 0.6-1.6t/h.m2

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