OEM Excellent Quality Disc Element Disc Filter Plate

OEM Excellent Quality Disc Element Disc Filter Plate

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OEM excellent quality disc element disc filter plate

Chamber vacuum ceramic filter press.

Chamber vacuum ceramic filter press is an alternative method of solid and liquid separation. Porous ceramic filter tends to replace conventional filter plates for its extremely high working temperature, chemical inertness and excellent resistant to almost types of slurry.

Ceramic filter is used to remove solid particulate from liquid and gas in chemical process, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industries, paper making and ore concentrate dewatering of copper, lead, zinc, iron, silver, sulfur, gold for its unique porous structure.



· High mechanical strength

· Excellent resistance against abrasion and corrosive against acid and alkali.

· Pore size is uniform and precise.

· Chemical inertness makes it suitable for a great number of applications.

· Extremely low moisture of filter cake is particularly.

· Filtrate treated by ceramic filter plate is clear enough to be used as industrial circulation water.

· Porous ceramic plate can be cleaned by organic solutions and reused for many times.

· Non-destructive permeability test is performed to verify pore size and filter ration.

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