Castable Polyurethane Prepolymer Polyester Tdi System

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Molecular Principal Chain: Heterochain Polymer

  • Appearance: Waxy Solid

  • Using Mixture Ratio (Phr): 6.9~16.0

  • Hardness (Shore a): 60/75/80/85/90/95

  • Tearing Strength (Kn/M): 35.9/49/52/55.1/58.3/60

  • Akron Abrasion(Cm3/1.61km): 0.02-0.05

  • Origin: Jiangsu China 

  • Synthetic Resin: Unsaturated Polyester Resin

  • Color: Brown

  • Nco Content(%): 2.4~5.8

  • Life in The Reaction Kettle: 3-7

  • Tensile Strength (MPa): 28.7/33.5/42.3/45.5/48.8/52.6

  • Elongation at Break(%): 498/474/451/440/410/337

  • HS Code: 3921199000

Product Description

-Polyurethane prepolymer polyester TDI system

Key features
-General purpose products, the most widely used.
-High mechanical strength, good wear resistance.
-Good oil resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance.

Typical properties 

Plyester tdi systemPes-610Pes-611Pes-612Pes-613Pes-614Pes-615
PrepolymerAppearance (25oC)Waxy solidWaxy solidWaxy solidWaxy solidWaxy solidWaxy solid
Nco content(%)2.4~2.63.0~3.53.6~4.24.0~4.54.5~4.85.0~5.8
Using mixture ratio (phr)6.9~7.58.6~9.59.0~10.011.0~12.013.5~14.515.0~16.0
Life in the reaction kettle(75-78oC/min)5~75~75~75~73~53~5
Physical properties of finished productsHardness (shore a)60±575±280±285±290±295±2
Tensile strength (mpa)28.733.542.345.548.852.6
Tearing strength (kn/m)35.9495255.158.360
Elongation at break(%)498474451440410337
Akron abrasion(cm3/1.61km)

-Mainly used in the production of ordinary polyurethane elastomer products, such as a variety of industrial components, roller, rubber roller, rubber, oil seal, cushioning materials, plates, etc.

Usage method
-Suitable for manual and high temperature casting machine operation, chain extender is MOCA.

-The prepolymer should be stored at low temperature and dry place, avoid the moisture and moisture when used
-After the opening of the prepolymer should be used up as soon as possible, if not exhausted with nitrogen seal.
-The storage period of unopened prepolymer is three months.
-If you want to add color paste or other materials, keep the water content below 0.1%, and consider the compatibility of additives.

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