Ceramic filter plate production process and materials

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Ceramic filter board is a new organic polymer material, known as the "fifth big plastic", because of its excellent performance and is widely used in many fields of national economy. The application fields of the products involve light industry, chemical industry, electronics, textile, medical treatment, building, building material, automobile, national defence, spaceflight, aviation, etc.. Castable ceramic filter plate elastomer (CPU), is a ceramic filter plate elastic body in the wide application, the largest output of a ceramic filter plate; thermoplastic elastomer (TPU) - thermoplastic elastomer ceramic filter plate about the left and right 25% ceramic filter plate elastic body of the total; mixing type ceramic filter plate elastomer (MPU) -- about ceramic filter plate elastic body 10% of the total. Solid tire, conveyor rollers; printing; pressure rollers; oil seal, gasket, ball bushing bearings; O ring; cushion; soles, after root, Baotou; lining; gear, different application, selection of elastomer hardness range of different. Used in mining, metallurgical and other industries -- Application of sieve plate, shaker in mechanical industry, rubber roller, adhesive tape, sealing parts; application in the automobile industry, tyre, seal ring, ceramic filter; shoes bottom material, ceramic filter plate, filter plate of ceramic fiber synthetic leather used in light industrial areas -; waterproof material, pavement materials, materials used in building potting industry.

Ceramic filter board ceramic manufacturing materials, there are many, such as alumina ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, zirconia ceramics, etc., different materials to achieve the effect is not quite the same. In general, the impurity filter plate of alumina ceramics can be used to remove impurities in liquid aluminum, fine particles, etc., when the use of commonly used to improve the quality of liquid aluminum, aluminum liquid can improve the quality and increase the rate of finished products, improve product quality, use is often made of aluminum industry. The so-called light transmittance refers to the ceramic filter board placed on the transparent plate of incandescent lamp box, by looking at the filter plate outside the light transmittance area to calculate the proportion of data obtained. The higher the light transmittance is, the better the filtration effect of the ceramic filter plate is.

For example, ceramic filter board fine particles composition

This paper discusses the two stages of sintering (evaporation period and vitrified phase). The free water of the ceramic slurry and the water on the surface of the material during the evaporation period have been removed in the course of drying and drying. Evaporation refers to the removal of crystalline water from foam plastics and materials. After sintering, the strength of the filter plate will be reduced and even become a waste product. A large amount of crystalline water escaped from the material, accompanied by mutual dissolution and diffusion between the lower melting point of the particles and the 3 component of the user.

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