Fan Shape Ceramic material Filter board for Cast Iron

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Filtration flux (water pressure 0.1MPa)


Gas recoil test pressure (wet state)


Liquid backwash pressure under running


Ultrasonic combined chemical cleaning pressure


Assembly precision

Parallelism of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Height of base level of assembly ring and plate surface


Assembly disc accuracy

Assembly hole center and diagonal error


Plate spacing after round up


Cumulative wear resistance time of film surface of filter cake unloading state (non hardening or blade wear etc.)

7000 hour

filter press plates.jpg

Working Temp≤ 1540 ° C
Compression Strength (Room Temperature)≥ 1.0Mpa
Volume Density0.3-0.5g/cm3
Thermal Shock Resistance  1200 ° C to room temperature 3 times
Applicationcast iron, cast copper, cast bronze, cast brass high temperature gas filter, chemical fillings and catalysis carrier etc.

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