Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Infrared Ceramic Plate for Gas Heater

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ICP

  • Shape: Round, Square, etc

  • Hole Diameter: 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, etc

  • Application: Heater

  • Heat Transfer Surface: Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Trademark: DXY

  • Size: 133*93*13mm, 250*145*15mm, etc

  • Hole: Round, Cinquefoil, Diamond, etc

  • Usage: Furnace, Pizza Furnace, BBQ, etc

  • Structure Material: Ceramic

  • Principle: Regenerative Heat Exchanger

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Infrared ceramic plate detail:
Infrared ceramic plate is made of high purity cordierite material and widely used in gas radiant heaters where it saves 20%-50% energy cost and reduces more than 90% of the harmful gas emission.
Our special designed infrared ceramic plate provides a superb surface area and working burning surface due to its interlaced corrugated surface of the ceramic plate combined with honeycomb basis. We have been innovatively searching for the best raw material and new formula to maximize the micro-porosity of the tile
ceramic filter plates with high quality.jpg

Honeycomb ceramic as the infrared combustion ceramic plate is made by the high purity cordierite material and used in the gas-fired stove where it saves 20%-50% energy cost and reduces more than 90% of the harmful gas emission. This product has good thermal shock resistance (no cracks on the product if the honeycomb ceramic with 1000 is in the water with 20 for 3 times), high mechanical strength (crushing strength is 20MPa on the top and 5MPa on the side), good endurance for high temperature, high resistance for erosion.

If coated with a black catalyst, the honeycomb ceramic can transfer the heat by infrared radiation style and this combustion style has more outstanding advantages comparing to the normal gas-fired stove combustion as below:
1.20%-50% energy saving
2. Mixes oxygen completely with the gas, burning efficiently with no flame and little noise.
3. Operating safety without being influenced by wind when operating outdoor.
4. Decreasing the CO and NOx poisonous gas disposal and remove harmful.
Our company infrared combustion ceramic plate honeycomb ceramic can be applied to different gas. When customer makes the order for it, he or she should provide the parameters such as the product size, CPSI, cell shape, the gas style, the shape on the upper side. If the customer needs the one with coated catalyst, he or she should provide the catalyst color.

1. Save 20-50% energy consumption.
2. Burn without flame, low noise.
3. Reduce the formulation of such harmful gas as CO, NOx, etc by a large margin (more than 70%)
4. Strong bearing of wind, using safely.
Physical Merits:
Good thermal shock resistance ( no cracks after 3 times thermal shock from 800 ° C to cold water),
High mechanical strength ( crushing strength is 20MPa on the top and 5MPa on the side),
Good endurance for high temperature
High resistance for erosion
Application: Widely used in various burners, ovens, fryers, heaters and barbecue set which burn gas.

Fuel gas hole Cells/In2(CPSI) suuface
NG LPG square round square round plane Convex diamond
Φ100 - 280-520 - -
Φ110 - 280-520 - -
Φ120 - 280-520 - -
Φ150 - 280-520 - -
Φ80 - 280-520 - -
Φ135 - 280-520 - -
Φ160 - 280-520 - -


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