How to choose a box filter press to deal with the sewage

- Nov 15, 2017 -

To sewage treatment plant, often in order to save costs, self built sewage tank, reaction tank, to resolve to deal with sewage settling ponds, but in the choice of filter press, often is not clear, in the end can filter processing to deal with the daily sewage, below what type of the selection, this method is very popular -- brief introduction in general, matching factory were suitable for the method to calculate the amount of sewage treatment and filter press.

Application of filter press in the selection of the design parameters of the environmental protection industry exposition (sludge dewatering design and calculation of filtration area), the common calculation methods are wet sludge method, dry sludge and suspended solids volume method, and the calculation in the design method, wet sludge method is relatively accurate and data sources to obtain better. This method is preferred by the filter area:

Wet sludge method:

1. Filter area standard: the filter area of the press filter manufactured according to the national standard is equivalent to the solid volume of 15L per square meter.

2. Before filtration, volume V1 (M3) and water content a=97.5%~99.2% (general experience value) before filtration.

3, press filter: Volume V2 (M3), filter water sludge moisture content b=75%.

4. Filter press cycle: press filter times t.

5, the solid balance method: V1 x (1-A) = V2 x (1-B), obtained V2= V1 x (1-A) / (1-B).

6. Filtration area: =1000 x V2/15/t=1000 x V1 * (1-A) / (1-B) /15/t.

7, for example: Canton Hardware Factory, every day after treatment (to sludge concentration tank) produce wet sludge moisture content of a=98.0%, V1=6.0 M3, to prepare daily on sludge concentrated sludge treatment time, the filter area =1000 selection filter * 6.0 * (1-98%) / (1-75% / 15/1=32). According to the calculation suggested the use of 35M2 (bigger than 32 M2) XMYJ35/800-UB press machine.

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