How to correctly understand the filter press equipment

- Nov 15, 2017 -

At present, although the application of filter press equipment in industrial production is very extensive, but with the filter press equipment of continuous improvement, causing some press users understanding of modern press equipment is not comprehensive.

First of all, many people think that the filter device is the filter filter provides a powerful hydraulic pressure through it, in fact, in fact only increased pressure filter press cloth the pressure difference between both sides, thus increasing the filtering liquid with kinetic energy more powerful, so as to accelerate the filtration liquid through the filter cloth of the time, resulting in the pressure increase, the number of filter equipment also increases the phenomenon, this is the reason of filtrate pressure directly affects the erroneous understanding of the.

In fact, the pressure and the filter fluid just want the power station water to raise the water level, so that it forms a bigger drop. So the pressure of the filter press acts on the filtrate, which has more powerful kinetic energy, and finally allows the filtrate to increase the speed of passing through the filter cloth.

In addition, some users believe that the cloth filter mesh will only affect the equipment to intercept range of solid particles. In fact, besides the influence of solid mesh cloth to intercept the size, it also affects the filtration rate of the equipment.

In the process of filtration, filter cloth across the filtering liquid outflow channels, in addition to its solid barrier, will also influence the liquid, and the liquid separation speed basically is the working efficiency of the equipment, when the cloth mesh is high, that is to say the cloth filter hole diameter is smaller, so the more liquid filtration speed will slow down, and ultimately affect the working efficiency of the equipment.

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