Improve the efficiency of ceramic filter plate from the choice to start

- Nov 15, 2017 -

1, select the first ceramic filter plate credentials in aluminum melt impurity content, melt flow Zhuanzhu ultimate casting product character and level requirements.

The content of impurities, casting product character as usually, can choose the hole mesh ceramic filter plate is larger, the addition of a glass cloth strainer in the filter plate. When a casting with glass cloth strainer is tense, it can intercept the eyes when sluicing down stream of slag and slag, with the blockage of filter plate.

The character of casting product requirements, selection of small hole mesh, namely new ceramic foam filter mesh size, for example, Fujian duanmin aluminium and aluminium foil stock production south, Henan Mingtai aluminum production high quality hot rolling slab, northeast light alloy processing production of high quality military aluminum, high quality industrial profiles of Guangdong Zhongshan and Sheng aluminum production the wellmade accept the production of the second generation of foam ceramic filter plate, the most prominent is the selection of 30ppi and 60ppi/ specifications for the two-stage filter, 38138150, 43243250, 30530550 skills 50850850, achieve the ideal cleanliness, get good results.

The selection of ceramic filter plate specification is determined by the flow through the melt and the total amount of pass. The flow rate is large, the total pass capacity is large, and the filter plate eyelet is small, then the larger specification is selected.

2, the choice of ceramic filter board should also look at its color, beat its body, burn it.

Pure color, no impurities, clarify the material uniformity; to handle non stick in hand, to clarify the appearance did not spray adhesive will not cause pollution two.

With one hand holding the filter plate, another hand to clap, proper force pat filter plate, a loss under the ceramic slag, that is inferior to the filter, will cause two pollution of liquid aluminum.

Use the fire or electric heating burned red immediately cooling at room temperature without fall loss of slag, this is good filter plate.

3, the filter should be carefully evaluated when the foam of the useful than the appearance of the product or porosity calculation.

The surface layer of the ceramic filter plate can be inspected, and the net homogeneous state of the cross section is inspected. If conditions permit, the drainage plate can be used to calculate the porosity. The three-dimensional mesh is homogeneous and the porosity is relatively large, which is a good ceramic filter board.

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