Industry mining ceramic filter plate manufacturer

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Ceramic filter is the world 's most advanced solid-liquid separation technology , with its energy saving, clean and green , you can re-use of resources and other advantages , in various fields of national economy increasingly widely used. Ceramic filter is a good example of successful application of ceramic filtration technology , large-scale promotion in the country in recent years has produced good economic and social benefits. The early 1980s , Outokumpu company successfully developed as a filter medium ceramic filter plates , ceramic filter plate pore size is typically 1 - 5 microns ( the most commonly used is 1.5 - 2.0 microns ) , so microporous capillary action can produce a strong , the ceramic filter to work under the action of the vacuum pump , through the porous liquid-only become filtrate , which is solid and gas -barrier becomes cake filtration plate surface to achieve a solid-liquid separation.

Birth of a new filter media for the development of solid-liquid separation technique has great significance , to produce a ceramic filter plate capillary action and has excellent mechanical properties, the ceramic filter cloth and the other in the filter compared to the filter medium having a plurality of advantages, is between this ceramic filter has been widely used . Ceramic filter can be used in non-ferrous metal mine dewatering , coal , chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other industries , wide range of applications .

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