Integrated Ceramic micropore filter plate used on vacuum filter

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Integrated Ceramic micropore filter plate used on vacuum filter

Ceramic filter plates, also known as ceramic membrane filters, ceramic plates, ceramic wafers and filter plates etc., are new types of filter media made of corundum and silicon carbide etc. by special process. Our company's ceramic filter plates have been widely used in filtration and dehydration of iron concentrates, zinc concentrates, sulfur concentrates, copper concentrates, nickel concentrates, aluminum concentrates, gold concentrates, non-metallic concentrates and other concentrates as well as in the solid-liquid separation in coal, fine chemicals, papermaking, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, food, environmental protection and other industries.

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1.Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer, we have rich experience in solid liquid industry for more than 20 years.We are the Horizontal belt vacuum filter and TC ceramic disc vacuum filter,HVPF tower press filter leader of China. 


2.Q:Do you have minimum order quantity request?

A: for spare parts we have no MOQ,but for whole set equipment of course 1 set is the minimum.


4.Q:Can you meet my special requirements for my products?

A: Yes, we have rich experience and we have a professional design team. We can provide different drawings according to your requirements. 


5.Q:How to pay?

A:T/T is acceptable.


6.Q:What is the delivery time?

A: It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 2 months.


7.Q:How to pack the products?

A: We use standard export package. If you have special package requirements, we will pack as you required, but the fees will be paid by customers.


8.Q:How to install after the equipment arriving destination?

A: We will provide detailed illustrations to you. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to help you.


9.Q:How long is the validity?

A:The validity is 12 months after installation.

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