ISO9001 Ceramics/Disc Type/Mineral Vacuum Filter for Metallurgy/Mine/Chemical Industry

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Filtering plate in Ceramic

High performance ceramic filter plate is used as a core component of the ceramic filter, is the company scientific research personnel to fully digest and absorb the international advanced technology and combined with the characteristics of production technology of domestic high-tech ceramics, carefully developed high-tech products.White corundum series are integrated the original production of dry pressing technology, after 1380 degrees high temperature firing, then coated with micron size corundum membrane surface, and firing again. Characteristics as follows:


1: Integrated dry molding technology, without any organic / inorganic paste, the overall strength of a substantial increase in water pressure, air pressure over 0.7MPa.

2: Uniform pore size, clear and transparent filtrate, wide range of application.

3: Unique and reasonable arrangement of inner water channel. No effect of any adhesive gas, water flow, suction and recoil effect better ore.

4: Can use a variety of regeneration methods: high air pressure, high water pressure, high temperature and so on, the regeneration effect is good

industrial filter press.png


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