Manufacturers of Bridge and Structural Expansion Bearings

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Usage: Infrastructure Construction

  • Material: Rubber,Steel

  • Size: From 100mm to 1000mm

  • Feature: High Durability and No Maintenance Fee

  • Trademark: Kangqiao

  • Specification: As Customer′s specification

  • Certification: ISO9001 SGS

  • Structure: Laminated Rubber Bearing

  • Activity: Multi Direction Movable Bearing

  • Shape: Rectangle and Circular

  • Vertical Loading: 1,000-50,000kn

  • Transport Package: Woven Bags and Wooden Pallet

  • Origin: China

Product Description



First, it can be applied to the field of plastic runway sports venues, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts indoor and outdoor two types.This plastic field than that of the wood floor used for a long time, and abrasion resistant, oil resistant, weather resistant elastic suitable, good shock absorption, adhesion through grassroots honest.Polyurethane rubber has excellent oil resistance, which is also used as oil resistant roller.Because of the excellent performance, it can replace the alloy in automobile industry, can be used in automobile bumper, steering wheel and vehicle for peripheral parts.Secondly, because of its low wear, high friction coefficient and low noise etc., so it made transfer device has stable speed. So the coal mine and mine belt available polyurethane rubber production, casting polyurethane rubber with high hardness can be used as mercury gear gear, has the characteristics of stable liquid transfer.In addition, it is also used with the liner and the protective layer, non metal automobile anti-skid chain and high-rise building save pipe lining; high-pressure seal and high-pressure pipe; in the shoe can reduce the cost, beautiful appearance; it can be used as aircraft thin-wall tank, oil seals, dust-proof seals; the cable street, potting material electronic components and printed circuits, shockproof rubber and can be used as a ideal, but also has a broad application in human organs and health.


The second is also used in the field of defense industry, such as aerospace system of polyurethane insulation material, has excellent bonding properties, high strength and other advantages.



Application examples:

1: for unloading in the die, the peeling rubber pad.

2: in the blanking, bending, deep drawing and forming process have been widely used.

Manufacturing Process

  • preparation of rubber compound according to specification required.

  • Preparation of steel plates.

  • Application of bonding agent to steel plates.

  • Assembly of compound and plates.

  • Compression moulding.

  • Performance Test. 

  • Ready for installation.

Classification as shapes of rubber bridge bearing
a.Rectangular rubber bridge bearing
b.Circular rubber bridge bearing
Classification as applicable temperature of adhesive varieties of rubber bridge bearing
a.Neoprene bearing(applicable temperature -25~60°C)
b.NR bearing(applicable temperature -35~60°C)
c.EPDM bearing (applicable temperature -40~60°C )



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