Sic / alumina White Ceramic Filter Plate for Molten Metal Casting

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Feature: Long Time Materials

  • Shape: Rectangle, Round, Square

  • Specification: 50*50*13mm,200*150*15mm,400*250*15mm,etc

  • Thickness: 11-50mm

  • Trademark: SHENKE

  • HS Code: 842199900

  • Refractoriness (℃): 1770< Refractoriness< 2000

  • Type: Refractory Material

  • Material: Silicon Carbide (SiC),Alumina ceramic

  • Ppi: 10ppi,20ppi,30ppi,40ppi,50ppi,60ppi

  • Origin: China

    ceramic filter disc.jpg

Product Description

Ceramic vacuum filter press is our company in cooperation with several ceramic research institute, digesting and absorbing the domestic and foreign advanced technology research and development to create efficient environmentally friendly products,  white ceramic plates bulk widely used in steel, iron, lead and zinc, nickel, aluminium dehydration of all kinds of mineral concentrate and tailings dewatering .
Again early firing technology, our company has developed a new process, the ceramic plates is made of whole repression by forming, avoiding the tin caused by permanent adhesive joint clogged pores with tinea, strength is not high, the phenomenon such as easy to broken .



1. Big framework density, high strength of film, pressure assistant & corrosion assistant
High ratio of hole-opened, big productive capacity, high precise filtering
Low vacuum energy loss, fine material, composited entirely, stick without glue
Many reproductive method, watered by high temperature, high pressure and organic solvent
Good reproductive efficiency , long usage life
One kind of ceramic filtering plates with big area and many holes, its special technology is single piece fired, composited to be shaped with two sides
Its structure is thin wall and hollow is formed with balls. Treat Al2O3 as base stock, it has good acid & alkali resistant performance
Applied for material from 50% of -200 mesh to 90% of -400 mesh and even much smaller material technical data

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