Vacuum Ceramic Disc Filter

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Origin: Jiangsu, China

  • Trademark: SHENKE

  • HS Code: 84741000

Vacuum Ceramic Disc Filter is new type solid-liquid separation equipment featuring high-efficiency and energy-saving. Global Creation Technology Ltd successfully developed PC series VCF In 1998 with exclusive patented intellectual rights after years of R&D. The PC series VCFs have now been successfully adopted in the filtration process of wide variety of minerals such as Iron ores, Gold, Copper, Copper Sulfide, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Quartz Sand, and Fluorite etc.  

The shape and working principles are similar to those of disc filters. Under the effects of pressure difference, as the slurry penetrates filter media, particles are blocked at the surface of filter media and filter cake is formed while liquid goes through the media and drained away so as to separate solid from liquid. The major difference between VCF and disc filter is filter media-ceramic filter plates. There are micro pores that create capillary effect. Capillary force override pressure created by vacuum system and fills micro pores with liquid and no air penetration possible under whatever circumstances. Because no air allowed to pass through the plates, energy consumption is low and vacuum is high during solid-liquid separation process.  

The ceramic filter consists of Ceramic Filter Plates, Rotator, Slurry Tank, Scrapers, Distributor, Agitating Device, Back-Washing (including Ultrasonic & Acid cleaning), Frame, Vacuum System, Pipe System, Filtrate Discharge System, Discharge Chute, Valve And PLC Automatic Control System (can be built into remote control system).
VCF has short downtime and improves productivity and operation rate. Because no needs of any filter cloth, the VCF can maintain high degree of vacuum and low moisture of filter cake. It is also featured by energy efficient. Compared with traditional disc filters with 45m2, the VCF with the same filter area saves over 85% of power energy. In the mean time, because of the tiny size of micro pore, fine particles are block so as to increase metal recovery rate and help improve quality and transparency of filtrate (normally 21mg/l of solid content). Filtrate can be recycled. In general, VCF is a kind of environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and energy-saving solid-liquid separation equipment.

Important Features: Energy-saving and environmentally friendly; high degree automation; good filtration performance; safe and stability operating;
Major parameters of PC series VCF

No.ModelFilter Area External DimensionCapacityWeightRotator systemAgitating systemVacuum systemFiltrate discharge systemBackwashing system
1P1/1-C1m21547*1655*16455 kw1100 Kg0.75 kw0.55 kw0.81 kw2.2 kw0.389 kw
2P4/2-C4m22436*2250*18309 kw3100 Kg1.5 kw1.1 kw1.45 kw3 kw1.709 kw
3P8/4-C8m23041*2235*183011.5 kw3700 Kg1.5 kw1.5 kw1.45 kw3 kw3.61 kw
4P12/6-C12m23581*2235*183013 kw4200 Kg1.5 kw1.5 kw1.45 kw3 kw5.29 kw
5P15/5-C15m23648*2830*221415 kw5000 Kg2.2 kw3 kw2.35 kw3 kw4.45 kw
6P21/7-C21m24340*2840*225419.5 kw6000 Kg2.2 kw4 kw4 kw3 kw6.13 kw
7P30/10-C30m24998*2850*225426.5 kw7000 Kg2.2 kw4 kw4 kw7.5 kw8.65 kw
8P45/15-C45m26918*2935*225438 kw14000 Kg3 kw5.5 kw5.5 kw11 kw12.97 kw
9P60/15-C60m27089*3205*252545 kw16000 Kg4 kw7.5 kw7.5 kw11 kw14.77 kw
10P80/16-C80m26964*3485*286550 kw18000 Kg4 kw7.5 kw11 kw11 kw15.86 kw
11P100/20-C100m28405*3510*286559 kw21000 Kg5.5 kw7.5 kw11 kw15 kw19.7 kw
12P120/20-C120m28054*3647*301568.5 kw26000 Kg5.5 kw11 kw15 kw15 kw22 kw

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