What are the application areas of polyurethane elastomer products?

- Nov 15, 2017 -

To better understand the polyurethane elastomer products related knowledge content. So below, we will expand the specific content, so that everyone has a basic understanding and understanding of it.

First of all, what is polyurethane about this problem, from a professional point of view, that is:

Polyurethane, its full name is polyurethane, which is made of organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate with two hydroxyl or polyhydroxy compounds. The polyurethane material, its application is very wide, it can replace the rubber, plastic and nylon etc. to use it in building materials, landscaping and stone art

It has a wide range of applications in airports, hotels, apartments, villas and parks.

1. polyurethane products series

TDI series: mainly used in sweeper, universal casters and material rack accessories.

MDI series: non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, mainly used in medical and luxury villa decoration.

NDI series: the temperature resistance is better, and the wear resistance is better.

PPDI series: mainly used in expansion tubes.

Foaming process of 2. rigid polyurethane foam

Prepolymer method is to prepare prepolymer, and then add water, catalyst, surfactant and other additives, for high speed mixing

Foam, wait until after curing, at a certain temperature can be cured.

Semi prepolymer: the prepolymer is made from some polyether polyols and diisocyanate, and then the other part is added with water, catalyst and surfactant

And some other additives, and finally the two parts of high speed mixing foam.

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