What is the Ceramic disc vacuum filter

- Nov 15, 2017 -

The shape and mechanism of the ceramic filter are similar to the working principle of the disc vacuum filter

When the suspension is passed through the filter medium, the particles are trapped on the surface of the medium to form the filter cake, while the liquid passes through the filter medium

Through filtration media, the purpose of solid-liquid separation is achieved. The difference is that the filter medium is ceramic

The filter plate has a capillary effect to produce capillary effect, and the capillary force in the micropores is greater than the force exerted by the vacuum,

The microporous filter is always filled with liquid. No matter what conditions, the ceramic filter board does not allow air permeability

Because of no air permeation, the energy consumption is low and the vacuum is high when solid-liquid separation is used.  Ceramic filter is mainly made by turning

Mixer, scraper assembly, slurry tank, distributor, ceramic filter board, vacuum system, cleaning system.And automatic control system. Problems existing in the application of ceramic filter.

Technological process of ceramic filter

The technological process of BY ceramic filter includes the formation of filter cake, the dewatering of filter cake, the unloading and returning of cake

There are 4 parts. The operation of BY ceramic filter is controlled by PLC, and the control system is automatic

Two control modes of hand / hand. Manually start pneumatic valves, pumps, motors and other equipment. Automatic mode

There are automatic cleaning and automatic filtration. The program of automatic filtration is to start the agitator and the disc to start the vacuum pump

The vacuum is less than or equal to 0.7) and the filtrate pump, close the tank bottom discharge valve, tap water supply to the pulp into the back flushing pipeline

Filter tank, filter plate, disc immersed in the slurry vacuum pressure difference, cake formation, cake dewatering

The scraper scraped the filter cake from the disc and filtered the filtrate back to the filter plate and then fed the belt to concentrate the ore into the ore bin.

The liquid level in the tank is detected by ultrasonic liquid level probe, and the opening and closing of the feeding valve is controlled according to the detection result,

When the upper limit of the liquid level is reached, the feed is automatically stopped and the feed is automatically added to the lower limit of the liquid level. Upper and lower limits of liquid level

The value is set according to the production requirement. The filtrate height in the filtrate tank is controlled by the detector and filtrate discharge valve.

After the BY ceramic filter works, the ceramic filter plate must be cleaned so as to maintain a good filtration effect

Fruit. The cleaning of ceramic filter plate is combined with ultrasonic and acid (oxalic acid and nitric acid)Manual and automatic cleaning two kinds.

The ceramic filter has the advantages of low failure rate, convenient maintenance, small installed capacity and remarkable energy saving effect. Due to the degree of automation

The utility model has the advantages of high work efficiency, low labor intensity, less water consumption of the filter cake, and less Railway

The loss of concentrate during transportation improves the effective transportation capacity. Ceramic disc vacuum filter is a kind of microporous pottery

Porcelain, ultrasonic cleaning technology, automation control in one of the new, efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, high-tech Solid liquid separation equipment.

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