Application Of Filter Press In Medicine

- Nov 15, 2017 -

This product is a kind of filter press dewatering equipment by mature, now been widely applied to various industries, in the field of pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, it plays a great role, now, with the continuous development of the field of medicine, the filter is rising.

It is understood that the filter press is currently the most effective and best use of solid-liquid separation equipment, after a hundred years of development, the use of "Wai Wai" in constant expansion. With the progress of science and technology, more and more high degree of mechanization, the pressure drop slowly artificial can not meet the needs of equipment manufacturing capacity, and mankind has reached a very high level, mechanical filter has become the mainstream of the market.

In recent years, the market contradiction of press filter equipment has become increasingly prominent in our country.  First of all, because of China's press industry started late, so far have not yet established effective management mechanism, market access system is not perfect, the industry threshold is low, leading the entire industry jumbly, overall level of development of the industry does not put up.  Secondly, although the domestic press manufacturers a lot, but the independent research and development capacity of the enterprises are very rare most enterprises do not have the ability to develop new products and production technology.  Third, the price competition is still the prominent feature of this industry, especially in small size and low grade products, almost to the point of vicious competition. So when we buy filter press equipment, this product must be integrated above analysis of several points, to buy quality products

At present, plate and frame filter press and box filter press products have been widely used, but it has not yet reached the expected perfect. Invited experts said: filter press this product in the Chinese market to get bigger and better development space

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