Ceramic Filter Plate Should Be How To Clean

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Particles can block the pores on the surface of the ceramic filter plate or less fine particles into the ceramic filter plate inside the pores, causing clogging, affecting the production capacity, should do the cleaning.

(1) ensure that each cycle of recoil pressure, its function is through the internal ceramic filter plate outward recoil, the fine particles or particle adhesion surface burst out.

(2) chemical cleaning and physical cleaning should be ensured during shutdown cleaning. First of all, to ensure that each cleaning time and cleaning quality, ensure cleaning in place. Second, do not wait for ceramic filter plate seriously blocked, then stop cleaning. Ensure the regeneration of ceramic filter plate.

(3) choose the right cleaning agent. Chemical cleaning agent is a chemical reaction which can not be rushed out of fine particles, to achieve the purpose of refinement, combined with cyclic recoil, the fine particles out. For different slurry, different chemical cleaning agents can be selected to achieve particle refinement.

(4) reasonable selection of ultrasonic equipment according to different slurry characteristics. Physical cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cleaning, the power supply will power frequency energy into high frequency electrical signals, through high-frequency cable power transmission to the transducer. The ultrasonic transducer can be high frequency power into a powerful ultrasonic emit ultrasonic vibration in the tank, water solution produces strong shock waves will be hitting the dirt on the surface of the ceramic filter plate down. Because the ultrasonic wave attenuates very little in aqueous solution, the surface of the object immersed in the liquid, including the slit and the small hole, is cleaned. Physical cleaning of the surface of the immersed ceramic filter plate. The general solution had the best effect at 20-50 DEG C, cleaning when the spindle speed is slow, after a period of time to adjust the spindle speed or by automatic with frequency ultrasound equipment, per point cleaning. If the surface of the ceramic filter board is sticky dirt, a high frequency ultrasonic transducer can be used.

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