Ceramic Disc Filter Used in Mineral Water Dewatering, Vacuum Type

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Flotation Machine Type: No

  • Centrifuge Technology Use: No

  • Certificate: SGS;BV;ISO9001;National Patent

  • Material: Rack Stainless Steel with Ceramic Plates

  • Filter Plates: 1~14 Circles

  • Cell Volume: 0.4~8.1m3

  • Operation Power: 6.6~30.37kw

  • Transport Package: Seaworthy Package

  • Origin: jiangsu,China

  • Method: Physical Treatment

  • Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital

  • Centrifuge Installation: No

  • Brand Name: sk

  • Color: Yellow/Red/Green/etc

  • Plates Number: 12~168

  • Installation Power: 7.6~43.81kw

  • Specification: ISO standard/ international Standard

  • HS Code: 8421299090

Product Description

          Ceramic Disc Filter used In Mineral Water Dewatering, vacuum type

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:
knock-down package, steel frame package, steel frame with three layers plywood package, wooden box, pallet, neutral packing, export standard package according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:Within 30 days after receipt of deposit

Warm Tips

Payment term:
1. T/T: 30% deposit by T/T, 70 balance by T/T before shipment.
2. 100% irrevocable L/C at sight.

 Trade term:

  Packing detail: 
*Normally nude package for the big machinery with strong reinforce work.
*Steel box/ pallet or steel frame with three layers plywood box for smaller size machinery. 
*According to customer's requirements.
*All products are strictly and carefully inspected by QC before delivery.

 Delivery time: 
*For stock selling, we will deliver within one week.
*For standard products selling, we will deliver within 30 days after receipt of 30% deposit.
*For OEM, large quantity or non standard products, we will deliver within 30~60 days.

 Min order:
 1 set. For machinery products, no sample provided. Thanks for understandingJ

Product Description
Ceramic filter is mainly used for fine coal slurry recovery, equipped with an engine base, under the engine base setting a fine coal slurry liquid trough, in this liquid trough, equipped with liquid level controller, both ends with negative pressure water tank, one side of this water tank is equipped with negative pressure connected assembly fix, another side is vacuum pump pipeline connecting with a vacuum pump; on the engine base, there is a coal slurry recovery rotor, this rotor consists of main axle, multilevel ceramic filter disc, stripper plate, multisection effluent connecting pipeline piping support plate, negative pressure connecting assembly plate. The rotor is located in liquid trough; the ceramic filter disc consists of many ceramic cavity micropore plates, those plates located in a same axes connect by the effluent connecting pipeline.
Main Structure
  Ceramic filter is mainly consisting of roller system, mixing system, ore slurry feed and discharge system, vacuum system, filtrate discharging system, scraping system, back washing system, united washing system (ultrasonic cleaning, automatic matching acid cleaning), full-automatic control system, trough body, rack etc.
Trough body uses corrosion resistant stainless steel, can load ore pulp. Stirring system is stirring mixing materials in trough body to avoid the rapid subsidence of materials. Ceramic filter plate is installed on roller, roller can be rotated by the drive of stepless speed change reduction gears.
Filter medium of ceramic filter is ceramic filter plate, doesn't need filter cloth, that reduces cost of production. The 1mm gap between scraper and filter plate prolongs the service life while discharging.
Using back washing and united cleaning etc. methods, full-automatic control by PLC, equipped with inverter, liquid level meter etc. device. While starting up, ore pulp valve is monitored by level meter, it controls height of ore pulp level. When to high level, PLC control system rapidly opens filtrate pump outlet valve to drain water quickly. Ceramic can use long-range control or centralized control according to different requirement by customers.

Structure and Effect
Ceramic filter is mainly consisting of roller system, mixing system, ore slurry feed and discharge system, vacuum system, filtrate discharging system, scraping system, back washing system, united washing system (ultrasonic cleaning, automatic matching acid cleaning), full-automatic control system, trough body, rack etc. Every system components and effect as follows:
   Roller system: consisting of main spindle, roller body; one side of main spindle connects driving motor, reduction gears, another side is cooperated with distribution head; on roller body, welding with annular plate, equipped with ceramic filter plate on it; ceramic filter plate is connecting with distribution head by pipeline. Roller system is the core of ceramic filter, it completes solid-liquid separation cooperated with vacuum system.
Mixing system: consisting of driving motor, reduction gears, horizontal axis, connecting rod, crank and rake frame, under the drive of actuating device, transmit power to rake frame by the parts, the rake frame which is immersed in ore pulp reciprocating wiggles, stirring ore pulp prevent it from precipitating.
Ore slurry feed and discharge system: mainly consisting of gas control rubber valve, liquid level meter and relevant pipeline. This system is cooperated with automatic control system, feeding part controls feeding rubber valve switch automatically according to presupposed liquid level, thus controls feeding quantity. Ore discharge part controls discharging rubber valve according to requirement of cleaning technology, realized ore discharging or storing.
Vacuum system: consisting of vacuum pump, filtrate tank and relevant pipeline. While vacuum pump is operating, it is formed vacuum in filtrate tank, one side of relevant pipeline connects with filtrate tank, another side is connecting with ceramic filter plate by distribution head, those make solid matter be adsorbed on filter plate surface and filtrate be absorbed into filtrate tank.
Filtrate discharging system: consisting of filtrate pump and relevant pipeline. While filtrate pump operating, filtrate in tank discharge from pipeline.
Scraping system: consisting of scraper, scraper frame and fixed bolt. To scrape filter cake on filter plate surface is the effect.
Back washing system: consisting of filtrate pump, cleaning pipeline, filter, reducing valve, relief valve and relevant pipeline. There is interval between scraper and filter plate for alleviating its attrition. After striking off filter cake, there is a material lamina remained on filter plate surface, to ensure the filter plate efficiency, a part of filtrate is sent back by filtrate pump, to back wash filter plate through cleaning pipeline and distribution head.
United washing system: consisting of sonicleaning (including supersonic generator and ultrasonic oscillatory plate) and acid washing (including acid storing box, acid pump and washing pipeline). After a certain working time of filter plate, filtering efficiency would be reduced because of blocking and other material adhesion, at this time, regenerate filter plate by united washing.
Full-automatic control system: consisting of PLC, touch panel, liquid level meter, frequency converter, magnetic valve, air-operated valve and other electrical components. Design working, cleaning and all kinds of technical parameter of ceramic filter according to material properties and customers' requirements, realize full-automatic control, manual control, monomer or centralized control.
Trough body: loading filter material.
Rack: load bearing other components except filtrate pump and acid storing box.


Technical parameters:

Filter plates (circle)Plates number
Cell volume
Installation power (kw)Operation power (kw)Dimension


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