Disc Filter Industry Filtering Disc For Mineral Solid-liquid Separation

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Disc filter industry filtering disc for mineral solid-liquid separation

Full automatic vacuum disc filter is a noble, high-efficient, energy-saving, environment-friendly and hi-tech material dewatering equipment that integrates microporous ceramic, electromechanical, ultrasonic technique and automation. It is widely applicable to iron concentrate, zinc ore concentrate, sulfur concentrate, copper concentrate, nickel concentrate, molybdenum concentrate, lead concentrate, tungsten concentrate, manganese concentrate, vanadium ore, aluminum concentrate, gold concentrate, and non-metallic concentrate for filtering and dewatering as well as suitable for such industries as fine chemistry, paper making, pharmacy, chemical fiber, food, environmental protection, and etc. 

vacuum ceramic disc filter plate.JPG

Technical Feature: 
1. High vacuum degree with maximum of -0.098MPa, low moisture of filter cake, normally 2-4% lower than moisture of the cake by traditional filters; 
2. Low power and energy consumption, 10-20% of that of traditional filters; 
3. Clear and transparent filtrates. Solid content is normally lower than 21mg/l and filtrate can be recycled or disposed of without harm to the environment; 
4. Little pollution, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable; 
5. Ceramic Filter Plate is long service life, easily replaced and doesn't require intensive labor work; 
6. Dewatering cost is normally 18.8-40.1% of that of traditional filters; 
7. Automatic and continuous operation, low maintenance cost, high filtration efficiency; 
8. Lower metal loss and higher metal recovery; 

vacuum fan-shaped filter plates.jpg ceramic filter plates with high quality.jpg

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