Filter Press Filter Skills

- Nov 15, 2017 -

How to make filter to achieve the filtering effect in the largest equipment work, which we need further to understand the principle of filter press filtration of products, knowledge of filter press products will help us better improve the efficiency, we want to put the filtering effect, that is actually increase filtration the speed of filter press equipment, and the filtering material properties and structure has a close relationship.

The general situation of the filter material filter press equipment can be categorized into 2 types, one is can be compressed, the other one is no longer compressed, which is composed of particles cannot change its shape, and this is not an amorphous particles condense into amorphous particles, when no condensation gathered in the filter material, the position of the relationship between them will be pressure gap between with particles and inequality and change, and the condensate will amorphous as the pressure increases and becomes smaller, the naturally flowing liquid hinder.

In our daily work, we can pay attention to observe the change of pressure, but also can increase the pressure to the filter cake, is to put pressure on its both sides, both want to increase pressure or filter press equipment to reduce the pressure, we can use the following ways: for example, we can increase the gap the hole between the rate, so it can be done to improve the speed of filter press equipment, because it can reduce the filter cake obstacles. We can also use some drugs, can be used to improve the performance of our filter cakes, as well as the use of some temperature and pre filtering mode, increase our plate type filter efficiency is to reduce the temperature, viscosity, and pre filter is to reduce the filter cake thickness. We carefully observe and make the corresponding operation of the press filter in the usual work, it will definitely improve the efficiency of some filter presses again.

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