Filter The Role And Principle Of The Filter

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Filter by the surface distribution of the filter medium, or captured in the depth of filter to filter to remove part of particles from the water, the type of filter material comprises a microfiltration membrane, cross core, fiber winding constitute a microporous material or powder solid porous filter, filter etc.. The filter is simple in structure and easy to operate. It is called filter core filter.

In the reverse osmosis system, for membrane water pretreatment of the final barrier (microporous filter) is a filtration device more sophisticated between microfiltration and granular media filtration. Because it can play a role in security protection, it is also known as security filter.

Through particle filter, before entering the reverse osmosis membrane, in order to remove large particles into the system (such as pipeline corrosion products, etc.) to prevent film by large particles impact and cut, and to protect the pump by accident debris in front of a high-pressure pump are installed with filter filter. Usually in filter cartridge with 5um, if the concentration of silica concentrated water solubility than the theoretical value, recommend the use of lum filter, and to reduce the iron, aluminum silicate, iron aluminum silicate colloid. The filter is usually replaced before the pressure drop reaches the limit of 0.2MPa, but in order to reduce microbial pollution, generally less than three months. Considering the backwash effect is not good, but also in order to avoid microbial contamination and filter gap becomes larger, do not recommend the use of backwash filter.

The 5um filter is set in order to filter large amounts of suspended solids, which does not bear the filtering load, it only plays a protective role on the reverse osmosis device, otherwise the operation cost will be very high, the efficiency is very low, and may cause the membrane is frequently contaminated.

Filter element filter is a new type of multi-functional filter, which is composed of two parts: filter and filter element. The solid-liquid separation has been widely used in water, oil, paint and liquid purification machinery, metallurgy, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

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