How To Clean The Filter Press

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Press long time work, will lead to the filter cloth and the filter liquid long-term contact, in addition to its work in high pressure environment, so the solid particle filter liquid in more and more attached to the filter cloth. Generally every quarter will filter press cleaning work.

First of all, we should remind you that before cleaning, you should understand the acid and alkali properties of your own filtration, and then choose different methods according to different pH values. Then on the selection of cleaning nozzles must be in accordance with the detailed size of the filter cloth to buy!

The filter chamber that first passes through the filter must be cleaned, which is made up of a block of filter plates, so it can be said that the filter plate is cleaned. We will promote the general in return, remove the filter cake, some drain holes on the filter plate clean, prevent the filtration liquid dry deposition, in the key position caused by obstruction, cause the destruction of the filter plate. According to the different requirements of customers, Shanghai made a filter board with different materials, such as rubber diaphragm filter board, stainless steel filter board, glass fiber polypropylene filter board and so on. Different types of filter plate should pay attention to the slight difference of cleaning method of filter plate.

After cleaning the filter board, the filter cloth can be cleaned. Filter cloth is the direct undertaker of the separation between solid and liquid, so the importance of cleaning filter cloth can be imagined. We will take off after the first filter is used for filtering, the pH value of liquid immersion opposite liquid, dissolution, softening fabric inclusion filtered liquid solid particles, and then soak for a period of time after the brush wash or water scrubbing, the solid particles in the filter cloth off. Of course, in addition to hand cleaning cloth, you can also choose machine cleaning.

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