How To Regenerate The Clogged Ceramic Filter Board?

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Ceramic vacuum filter has been widely in various ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, nonmetal mines, the ceramic vacuum filter used in the ore dressing process has the advantage of low moisture of filter cake, high coefficient, so it has become the modern mines in the beneficiation process for products.

The efficiency is improved, the cost is saved, but the accompanying problems are produced. Is a set of microporous ceramics, ceramic filter ultrasonic technology as a whole, rely on a new efficient and energy saving filtration equipment, vacuum suction and capillary function realize solid-liquid separation. Although the ceramic filter itself is equipped with the ultrasonic cleaning function, but in the ceramic filter plate used for a long time the case is still very prone to clogging, resulting in ceramic vacuum filter cake thickness decreased, decreased absorbing ability of mine, finally had to replace the ceramic filter plate. Generally, the replacement period of ceramic filter plate is about 1 years. Now in the market price of 1500 yuan / piece, if a mine has 5 sets of 45 square meters of each filter, filter 15 filter plates, each having 12 filter plate calculation, the annual replacement cost will be 5 x 15 x 12 x 1500=1350000 yuan. For the increasingly fierce competition in the market, how to effectively reduce costs has become a top priority.

Ion beam ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the ion beam and ultrasonic effective combination, so that the ceramic vacuum filter plate regeneration possible. Ion beam as military technology for the first time used in civilian technology, it is the use of high frequency and low frequency plasma gas mixture to produce microporous ion beam and the impact of high dense ceramic filter plate, to discharge impurities in the microporous ceramic filter plate, then the surface impurities cleaned by ultrasonic transverse scanning, so as to achieve the the purpose of the regeneration of ceramic filter plate.

This technology has been applied for the national patent, with the appearance of the equipment, which will greatly reduce the cost of domestic mining in the use of ceramic filter, but also to fill the gaps in the domestic ceramic filter plate can not be cleaned after blockage.

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