Mining Machines Disc Vacuum Filter

- Mar 09, 2018 -

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Uses and characteristics of automatic ceramic filter

(1).Automatic ceramic filter are solid-liquid separation equipment widely used in mineral ,metallurgy and mineral processing industry.
(2)Because of the effects of pores of porous ceramic, produced almost absolute vacuum, get very dry cake.
(3)There is no free solid particle in filter liquor so it  can be reused or discharged.
(4). Compared with the traditional filtering method, energy efficiency is very high, power saving =90%
(5). Without filter cloth so there is no need to the replace the filter cloth
(6).continuous automatic operation, Maintenance costs are very low, solid recycling =99%.
(7).No environmental pollution, easy operation
(8).with the combination of the extremely excellent ceramic capillary effect and reliable continuous automatic operation, the filtering cost is significantly lower than the conventional vacuum filtration and pressure filtration equipment.
(9). Unique filtering disc is composed by several ceramic filter plate. When vacuumizing , only liquid can pass through the filter plate. Due to capillary water tension is greater than the vacuum pump suction force , micropores  can  intensively suck the filtrate continuously . Because micro hole of the ceramic filter plate does not allow air passing through,  so a very  small vacuum pump can keep the vacuum requirements of ceramic filter plate,  low energy consumption.
(10)Filter plate can be automatically regenerated and recover all permeability after chemical and  ultrasonic cleaning .

2. Technology parameters of full automatic ceramic filter



Filter plate number(Block)
Disc number(Ring)24681081012151520202430
Filter area(m2)48121620243036456080100120150
Installed power(KW)1011131719191923253648484848
Operating power (KW)89913151515.51820303939.540.542.5
Weight (KG)150025003500500060007500900010000120002010028000320003600042000
long (MM)246029303460415461552005800640073007100875088001000011800
wide (MM)24802775277527752775317031703200320035303766376637663766
high (MM)21002100210021402140252625262586258628772877306030603060

Precision Ceramic Disc Vacuum Filter For Zinc Ore

Ceramic Disc Vacuum Filter Are Used in Tailing
It has been widely used in copper, iron, gold, silver, tin, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, palladium, cobalt, molybdenum, aluminum, phosphorus, coal, sulfur, silicon, quartz, mica, rare earth concentrate, tailings dewatering, Zinc Oxide, chemical industry lead oxide, zinc sulfide, electro slag, leaching slag, slag cement dehydration and environmental pollution as well as waste acid treatment. The fineness of materials is from -200 to -450 and a variety of superfine materials.

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