Polyurethane Elastomer Products Under What Circumstances Will Foam

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Polyurethane products have certain conditions will be foaming, so we must master the polyurethane elastomer products under what conditions will be foaming, which is very critical.

Polyurethane products can only be foamed with black material (isocyanate), even in summer temperature, the composite polyether may produce foam because of foaming agent, it will float on the surface of the material, but this is not foaming, it is a physical phenomenon. Popular saying "foaming" means that the viscosity of black and white materials increases sharply, from the beginning of the liquid state into a solid state, the reaction process is a chemical reaction, and is irreversible.

To sum up, polyurethane raw materials can only be mixed with black material to be foaming, indispensable, at the same time, it will highlight the superiority of the product itself.

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