polyurethane prepolymer for casting polyurethane elastomer

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Molecular Principal Chain: Heterochain Polymer

  • Appearance: Waxy Solid

  • Using Mixture Ratio (Phr): 3.7~4.3

  • Hardness (Shore a): 85-95

  • Tearing Strength (Kn/M): 129.5/131.7

  • Akron Abrasion(Cm3/1.61km): 0.01

  • Transport Package: According to The Customer Demand

  • HS Code: 3921199000

  • Synthetic Resin: Unsaturated Polyester Resin

  • Color: Brown

  • Nco Content(%): 3.6~4.2

  • Life in The Reaction Kettle: 3~5

  • Tensile Strength (MPa): 53.5/57.1

  • Elongation at Break(%): 523/551

  • Origin: Jiangsu,China 

Product Description

-Polyurethane prepolymer NDI, PPDI system

cast polyurethane elstomer.jpg

Key features
-The utility model has the advantages of high dynamic mechanical property, especially heat resistance, and can work in the environment of 120 DEG C for a long time.

Typical properties

NDI,PPDI systemNP-240NP-245
PrepolymerAppearance (25oC)Waxy solidWaxy solid
NCO Content (%)3.6~4.23.6~4.2
Using Mixture Ratio (PHR)3.7~4.33.7~4.3
Life in the Reaction Kettle3~53~5
Physical Properties of Finished ProductsHardness (Shore A)90±590±5
Tensile Strength (MPa)53.557.1
Tearing Strength (kN/m)129.5131.7
Elongation at Break (%)523551
Akron Abrasion (cm3/1.61km)0.010.01

-The utility model is mainly used for producing products with the characteristics of heat resistance, high abrasion resistance, high bearing capacity, low internal heat generation, etc.

Usage method
-Can be used for manual operation, more suitable for the operation of the casting machine, chain extender is BDO or HQEE, etc.

-The prepolymer should be stored at low temperature and dry place, avoid the moisture and moisture when used
-After the opening of the prepolymer should be used up as soon as possible, if not exhausted with nitrogen seal.
-The storage period of unopened prepolymer is three months.
-If you want to add color paste or other materials, keep the water content below 0.1%, and consider the compatibility of additives.

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