Vacuum Filter Parts Ceramic Filter Plate

- Jun 12, 2018 -

Features and Applications: The ceramic filtering plates produced by our plant have been proved as successful in many beneficiation plants treating ores of copper, lead, zinc, iron, silver, sulfur, gold etc. The filtering plates are of high strength, easy to be cleaned for restoring of function. The maximum pressure for reverse cleaning reaches 0.3MPa, the level that increases the performance of back cleaning & combined cleaning and raises remarkably the operation indexes of the filter. The service life of the filter exceeds 1 year that saves the investment & operational cost of customer. 

1. High strength, abrasion and corrosion resistant and long service life. 

2. Size of micropore is small (normally with diameter of 1.0um), strong capillary effect. 

3. Low power and energy consumption as filtrates drawn into micropore automatically. 

4. High filtration pressure drop (vacuum degree can reach-0.098Mpa) and low moisture of filter cake. 

5. Filtrate is clear and transparent with low suspended substances (21ppm), Filtrates can be used as industrial circulation water. 

fully automatic ceramic filter.jpg

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