Polyurea Spray Elastomer manufacturer

Polyurea Spray Elastomer manufacturer

As a prime manufacturer, exporter and supplier, we are engaged in providing our clients an outstanding range of?Polyurethane Sheet. The offered sheet is manufactured using the finest quality polyurethane and progressive techniques under the control of our skilled professionals. Provided sheet is commonly used for roofing, shedding and covering of the warehouses as well as industries. Also, this?Polyurethane Sheet?can be purchased from us in different thickness, sizes and colors at budgeted prices.

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Product Description

  • Characteristic: Thermosetting Resin

  • Specification: RoHS

  • Synthetic Resin: Polyurethane Resin

  • HS Code: 3907209000

Polyurea Spray is a very versatile coating system for corrosion resistance, waterproofing as well as abrasion protection.
AMPU series polyurea spray elastomers are based on reaction-injection molding (RIM) technique and the success of amine-terminated polyether production, providing consistent seamless coating. It contains no solvents and is not affected by moisture or temperature conditions.
millable polyurethane elastomer.jpgValue added features
* Fast reactivity and cure without catalyst
* 100% solid formulations without solvents, thus environment-friendly
* Extraordinary physical properties which can be adjusted in a wide range
* Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates for properly formulated system
* Resistant to chemicals and extended durability, even in extreme environmental condition
* Different colors are available
* Relatively moisture and temperature insensitive during application
* Thanks to their short gel time, they can be apllied on surfaces with any shapes without sagging.
Advantages( Polyurea vs. Epoxy resin)
* much better corrosion-resistant property and better tenacity, while epoxy is hard and crispy. Polyurea has higher hardness and tensile strength.
* Better chemical-resistance.
* elasticity, comfortable for people to walk on.
* extended durability, guarantee 30 years life.
* fast cure, can be walk on in seconds.

AMPU-1 Waterproof Spray Elastomer
This product can be used for waterproof in roof, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, swimming pools and silos. JSU-1 contains compound that increases gel time, therefore the product will have better permeability and adhesion to the surface.

AMPU-2 Floor-used Spray Elastomer
It is especially used in indoor, factory, vehicle part place where have requirement of flam-retardant. It can also provide a protective coating for concrete surfaces, etc.

AMPU-3 Abrasion-resistant Spray Elastomer
AMPU-3 has high hardness and abrasion resistance, it is extensively used on the floor and walls of bridges and houses.

AMPU-4 Collide-resistant Spray Elastomer
AMPU-4 has higher hardness and good collide-resistance. Therefore, it shows excellent performance in coating of structures such as chemicals, oil, pipelines, and tanks.

AMPU-5 Corrosion-resistant Spray Elastomer
AMPU-5 has better corrosion-resistance. It offers a protective lining for chemical tanks and pipes with high demand of corrosion-resistance.