Thermoplastic elastomer tpu resin polyurethane for hot melt adhesive film

Thermoplastic elastomer tpu resin polyurethane for hot melt adhesive film

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The performance of polyurethane elastomer wear-resistant products

The wear resistance of polyurethane elastomer is superior to other rubber, compared with steel under dry friction conditions, the volume loss of its 6 to 7 times higher than steel,However, if coupled with the lubricant between the polyurethane elastomer and contact material such as water, oil or other liquids, the working conditions change for lubrication, the wear resistance of polyurethane elastomer is even better than steel.


(1) Solid tire with a hardness of 90 to 95 casting polyurethane elastomer made of solid tire, for transport vehicles, such as transmission, battery car and farm transport vehicles, solid tyre crane. The cross section of Pu solid tire is not easy to wear, because of its resistance to tear strength and abrasion resistance are good. Compared with the steel wheel, its hardness is smaller, so the friction with the ground is also small.In addition, Pu solid tire load capacity and service life than the general solid tire rubber manufacturing big 4 ~ 5 times. Due to the small deformation, rolling small loss of this tire.


(2) Cots: Iron and steel, paper, textile, rubber roller available casting polyurethane rubber preparation and printing industry. Good wear resistance, long service life, but also can improve the work efficiency. Especially the rollers for paper making, including large rollers each rubber 1T


(3) Belt: Polyurethane elastomer has good abrasion resistance, large friction coefficient, and can absorb noise, so it is suitable to be used as friction tape.Application: washing machine, sewing machine, tape recorder, typewriter, belt and phonograph vending machine drive belt and mining department.In mine, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments in the use of natural rubber conveyor belt, conveying heavy and sharp ore is easy to be scratched, stabbed, cut, and the use of polyurethane steel cord conveyor belt, no large cutting off phenomenon, long service life, welcomed by users.

(4) Lining: polyurethane elastomer used for sewage pump and ball mill lining effect is better than the special alloy is much used for mud pump impeller, the durability is 100 times higher than the cast iron.

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